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Internet Safety Assemblies Can Be Really Fun!

The topics of Internet safety can and are very serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun when talking about them! The link below is how we kicked off  our assembly at Northridge High School last year. We were able to talk one of the teachers into performing the Napoleon Dynamite dance in front of the whole school, so the students could record it from their phones and post it online. The goal and lesson was to see how quickly the video would spread. It only took a few minutes before roommates of the teacher were texting him complimenting him on his sweet dance moves! It just goes to show that once something is posted on the Internet, it is out there, for all to see.

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    Joshua Westover


    That’s impressive… That teacher has moves!

    Love how you made the assembly FUN! Kudos Natalie!


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