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Fight Back Against Cyberbullying

From celebrities to students, cyberbullying happens way too often. One way that we as a society can take a stand against the bullies is to empower the bystanders, or those who witness cyberbullying. There is a stigma in our culture about “being a snitch,” so students feel that they can’t report bullying instances. We need to share the message that it is ok to stand up to bullies. It is ok for students to tell an adult if they see someone getting bullied.

Netsmartz.org gives the following advice for bystanders:

  • Don’t encourage bullying behavior – For example, don’t “like” or share mean comments and posts.
  • Don’t participate in the bullying just to fit in.
  • Stand up for the victim – You can offer support through actions such as sending a friendly text message, making a positive post on their page or walking with them in the hallway.
  • Report the bullying to the website or service provider and to an adult you trust.

Several students at an elementary in Bridgewater, Massachusetts saw a friend getting bullied, and they decided to take a stand. Check out the following link to here to hear their story.

It is amazing the things that we can do as we work together to uplift and encourage each other.


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