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Device Distraction

Device distraction is not just a problem when we we are driving. People are so afraid of missing out that even when they are out to dinner, or at a movie, they have to respond to that text or post. The best way to teach our kids how to avoid the distraction is to model that behavior. We have the same problems as the teens, just one more email, or one more text for work. If we work on limiting the distractions, we will be able to help our kids learn to change their behavior. Dr. Devorah Heitner gives some great advice on how to help your kids avoid the tech distraction. Check out her website here.  As we learn to avoid the distraction, we will be able to help our kids learn proper tech behavior.


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    Parents need to help their kids minimize technology and social media distractions.

    Technology has become a parenting challenge today. Kids today are spending too much time on their smartphones, which hampers their attention from having face-to-face interactions. They can’t focus on their school work because they want to check the latest updates on their news feeds. Because of technology, our kids are having difficulty focusing on other important things.

    Teach your children to use technology wisely. It’s a great tool for online communication and learning. Find the root cause of their distractions to help them become better digital citizens.


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