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What is ok to post online?

Internet safety is not always about what not to do online. One part of being safe online is knowing what is ok to post. Each family has different views on what is ok to post on the internet. Take the time to have a tech moment with your children by sitting down and making  a list of what is ok to post. You will not always be there to help them know what is ok to post, so share these questions that will help your child decide if it is ok to post:

  • “Would I be happy if my parent, guardian or teacher saw this?
  • Am I comfortable with people seeing this in a year, in two years or in ten years?
  • Will this upset somebody by posting or sending this?
  • If I send this, can I be sure that it won’t be shared with people I don’t want to see it?”


If their answer to any of these questions is no, then they should not post it. You can help your child feel that they can have a positive digital future.

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Phone Addiction

Could you go a week without your phone? Many of us are so addicted to our phones that we have a hard time going to a movie and putting down our phones. A teen named Michelle Hackman set out to find out what would happen when teens had their phones taken away. They hooked students up to a biofeedback monitor to document their response. some students had reactions similar to withdrawals. This study shows that the teens were more attached to their phones than they realize. Check out an interview with Michelle Hackman here.

Just like teens many adults can’t put their phones down for fear of missing out. 9 teens from Washington State participated in an experiment where they gave up their cell phones for a week. The teens found that they spent more time on homework, with their families, and even reading a book when they didn’t have their cell phones. They were very glad when they got their phones back at the end of the week though. Check out their story here.

It is important to take time aways from our devices and be present with those around us. It might be a fun experiment to have a no cell phone day. Who knows, maybe it will be the best thing that you ever did.


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