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Dilworth Elementary NetSmartz Assembly

The assemblies we provide at each school are interactive, educational and fun for students of all ages. The students at Dilworth Elementary in Salt Lake School District had a great time learning about how they can stay safe on the Internet while still having fun. As NetSmartz Internet safety educators our goal is to empower students to make responsible choices that will help them build a great future as they spend time online, while at the same time encouraging their peers to do the same thing.

See more photos of the event here: slcschools.org

Tips for Dealing with Bullying or a Bully

Bullying and cyberbullying happen more often than we realize.   www. bullyingstatistics.org provided 6 tip for how to deal with bullying or a bully.

“Tips for dealing with bullying, or a bully

It can be difficult to deal with bullying, or a bully. It is more helpful when a bully’s parents and school are involved as well, working to help diffuse the situation. If you are concerned that your child is the victim of bullying, here are six steps you can take to try and help him or her in dealing with bullying:

  1. Get your child’s input: You need to be a safe place your child can turn for help when dealing with bullying. Be open to your child, and make sure that you are accepting. You should let your child know that being bullied is not his or her fault. Also, you should find out what has been tried to stop the bullying, and what has worked (or hasn’t worked) so far.
  2. Talk to the school authorities: Discuss the problem with your child’s teacher, principal or counselor. A meeting with all three can help everyone know how to help a child who is dealing with bullying. In many cases, bullying takes place in unsupervised areas, such as school buses, bathrooms, playgrounds and other areas that can be hard to monitor. If you know where the bullying is taking place, you can let school authorities know so that they can step up “patrols” in those areas to discourage bullying.
  3. Teach your child to avoid the bully: Your child does not need to fight back. Encourage him or her to avoid the bully when possible. Suggest that he or she walk away, and go find a teacher or other trusted adult.
  4. Encourage your child to be assertive: It is not necessary to fight back to defeat a bully. You can teach your child to stand up straight and tell the bully, firmly, to leave him or her alone. In some cases, this type of assertiveness will work.
  5. Practice with your child: It might be beneficial to have a little bit of role play with your child. This way he or she can practice what to say to a bully, or how to leave a situation that could turn into bullying.
  6. Teach your child to move in groups: A good support system can be an effective deterrent against bullies. Have your child go to school and other places with trusted and true friends when dealing with bullying.”

Dealing with Bullying

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Internet “Trolls” and “Trolling”? (30 Sec Video Definition)

This 30 second NBC News video has a good definition of being an internet “Troll” or “Trolling” the internet. Trolling is one of the unacceptible online behaviors Utah NetSmartz teaches kids to avoid and report when they are online. Here is the link the video:


Internet Safety Training Works!

A site director for the Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis shared a story that happened at their club:

During the summer Utah Netsmartz provided training for one of the teen clubs. After the training two teens reported a severe cyberbullying incident to the site director. One teen was being bullied for breaking up with a boyfriend. The teen blocked the bully’s number, and contact information on social media accounts.  The bully turned to a close friend and proceeded to bully her.  She also blocked the bully’s number, and contact information on her social media accounts, but before the bully was blocked the bully stated that he would continue the bullying until the teen committed suicide.

The site director asked the teens if they had shared the incidents with their parents, which they had not.  Before the site director took action, she asked the teens to share the incidents with their parents.   Once the parents had been informed, who supported the teens fully, the site director took the incident to the police. A case report was filed with the police, and will be reopened if the teens continue to be bullied. Internet safety training really does work!!

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Most Popular Apps Among Kids and Teens

There are constantly new apps coming out that are being used by students of all ages. It can be difficult to keep up with which ones are most popular among teens. Here is a link that goes over 15 sites and apps that kids and teens are using. Not only does this article review which apps are being used by kids and teens, it also goes over why they’re popular, and the risks associated with each app.