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Take a seat, we will share with you what we have been up to and some of the new things we have learned about Internet safety!

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Utah Netsmartz in the News

Recently Utah Netsmartz has been in the news sharing information about how to stay safe online. Check out the stories here

  1. Immediate steps you can take to predator proof your child’s smartphone
  2. How to protect your kids who play online games
  3. The internet language kids use to hide their online activities from parents
  4. Altamont assembly focuses on sexting, cyberbullying, and online predators

If you’re looking for more information on how to keep you child safe online, check out our parent section. We have lots of resources to help you protect your kids online.

Utah NetSmartz In the News

This month our program was in the Herald Journal in Logan following a training at Nibley Elementary. The students were a great audience, and showed interest and respect as we talked about what they can do to stay away from the dangers they face on the Internet.

– Link to Article –

Our goal is to empower students to make positive choices while they are on the Internet and while using technology to socialize with their friends. We want students to understand that they have control over everything they do on the Internet. They choose what websites they visit, who they talk to and add to their friends list, and what information they share with other people. They are also the one’s creating the environment they are socializing in online.

This is why it’s important that parents and guardians are involved to help guide the students to make positive choices. This includes monitoring what websites they are visiting, who they’re talking to online, what information they are sharing, and creating a positive environment for themselves and all of their friends.

West Point Jr. High Online Predator Scare

West Point Jr. High School, in Davis school district, had a run in with a potential online predator last November. The event occurred just one week after we provided an Internet Safety assembly to the students there. Due to the information presented during the assembly, the West Point Jr High students who received contact from the predator, reported them immediately. Below is a link to the news article. Being involved with an organization that is helping to protect Utah’s youth from online dangers is so rewarding!

– KSL 4 Utah Video Clip/News Article –