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Sexting, and How to Talk to Your Child About it.

It’s not if, but when your child will be sent a nude photo or be asked to send one. Technology has made it easier than ever to disseminate information, which means kids have access to more content. On its own this is fantastic, we have access to more information than ever before in the history of the world, but unfortunately it can have its downsides as well.

Students are taught about sexting by teachers and parents each year. Many teachers and parents focus mainly on those students who get requests to send nude pictures. We need to start focusing on the other side of the issue as well. It’s important to teach our kids that it’s not ok to ask for a nude picture.  Because many students are faced with this issue, it’s important to speak to your child about sexting.

So how do we talk about sending or asking for nudes? Here are five conversation starters to talk about sexting:

1: Have you ever heard any students talk about sending nudes? What do they say about it?

2: Have you ever been asked to send a nude photo? How did you respond?

3: Have you ever asked for a nude photo? Do you think that was appropriate?

4: Has anyone sent you a nude picture, even someone you didn’t know? What happened to that picture?

5: Has anyone you know gotten into trouble for sending a nude? What happened to them?

It doesn’t matter how you start the conversation, just that you talk about it. Teens need your support as they navigate through adolescence, and unfortunately this is an issue your teen will see at some point in their life. As adults, we can help them deal with these tricky issues, sometimes it’s just a matter of starting the conversation.

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Finding Balance

Many of us struggle to find balance with technology.  Google and Apple have come out with new features for their updates that track your technology use. Check out this article from Common Sense Media on the newest updates from Google and Apple.