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Finding Balance

Many of us struggle to find balance with technology.  Google and Apple have come out with new features for their updates that track your technology use. Check out this article from Common Sense Media on the newest updates from Google and Apple. 


Embrace an Awkward Silence

There are times when we see friends or family struggling. Sometimes they post about their feelings, or they start acting differently than they used to. When you notice your friend or family acting differently speak up. Seize the awkward silence and say something. Check out this video that reminds us that we can talk to our loved ones about mental health. #cyberaware #mentalhealth


Be the Real You

Social media gives us another space to invent who we are. Who is the real person, the online self or offline self? We can be authentic in both spheres. Learning how to be our true self online and offline can be hard, but it is possible to be real in all areas of life. Check out this great video on how to be authentic online.

What Would You Do if You Forgot Your Phone?

How often do you look at the world around you when you are waiting in line, or when you have a moment in-between meetings? Most of us use our phones as a way to deal with the moments in-between, but this story shows an interesting experience that Kevin McGeehan had when he forgot his phone. Let’s all take time to appreciate the world around us more. Check out his story here.