Utah NetSmartz

About The Program


The NetSmartz program as provided by the Utah Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs provides digital citizenship trainings to Utah students in grades K-12. These trainings provide instruction to students about topics including cyberbullying, sexting, Internet predators, social networking dangers, and more. The trainings are age-appropriate and are adjusted to the age and understanding of each training group (kindergarten to high school.)

The trainings focus on motivating and inspiring positive change among the students. The program provides students with empowering ways to address Internet safety & digital citizenship at school and at home. Trainers provide a unique and entertaining outlook on the subjects addressed that both captures students attention and brings home the key message: “Each student is in control of their digital futures; they decide today, by the things they share, what their future holds.”

The NetSmartz program in Utah is provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the state and is managed by the Utah Office of the Attorney General. The program has continued to operate throughout the state for the past eleven years. Most recently the program provided 499,682 trainings during the 2015-2016 school year.