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It Went Viral

Teens often don’t think about how far or fast a picture or video can spread online.  Just recently a friend of mine had a video spread extremely quickly. He attended the caucuses on primary election night. After he left, he took a video showing how the police ticketed all of the people who were illegally parked due to lack of parking options. He posted it on his Facebook account to share with his friends. It was shared over 1000 times, and within the first week it was seen by over 130,000 viewers. Today he has over 224,000 views. Once something is posted online, it can spread very quickly. It is important to remind teens, and adults that once something has been posted it can never be taken back. What we post online can have positive and negative effects on our life. Think before you post.

Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net