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The Sexting Epidemic

For many teenagers and adults across the country sexting is becoming a normal part of relationships. The sad thing is that these pictures are causing irreparable damage to many of those who send and share these pictures. Pictures are being saved, posted, shared, and used for blackmail. Once you send the picture you no longer have control of where it ends up. ¬†Once the post is out there on the internet you can’t truly delete it. ¬†There is always a trace of what you have posted.

Sexts can stop you from getting a good job, getting into a good college, and other stellar opportunities. For many teens it may seem hard to say no. They think of the person asking as a friend, or boyfriend, and it is more difficult to deal with. They may have said no already and the person persists and pushes to get a nude. There is an awesome app called “Send This Instead” that has precreated responses to say no to a sext request.

Not only are there social consequences, but for those under the age of 18 there are legal consequences. Every state deals with the issue differently, but in many states students can be charged for creation, distribution, and possession of child pornography. There are teens who have been sentenced to jail time, and put on the sex offender registry. A school in Canon City, Colorado is facing a school-wide scandal involving more than 100 students. Check out this story by clicking on the link here.

Talk to you children about the social and legal consequences of sexting. It could change their life.

Image courtesy of Praisaeng at FreeDigitalPhotos.net