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5 Digital Parenting Tips

I have been doing assemblies for about 5 years now and I have learned that Communication is key.  Your kids know a lot about the internet and you need to trust them and talk to them.  This article says that, “The number one online safety tip for parents is to talk to your kids… ask them what’s their favorite app these days, tell them to show you how they set their privacy settings in the apps and on the devices.”

They give 5 Tips that I really like.

1. Understand their world

2. Show Respect

3. Talk

4. Catch Up

5. Be the Guiding Light

Kids are going to be on the internet learning good and bad.  They can either talk to their friends about it, or you.  You make the choice.


Link to the article

How to talk to your kids about Internet safety

Technology is constantly changing which makes it difficult to keep up with all of the new apps and websites that kids and teens are using on a regular basis. It may seem overwhelming to think about protecting your kids as they socialize with their friends online and on their phone. Check out our Facebook page for some tips on how to talk to you kids about Internet safety. One of the most important things you can do is keep an open line of communication with your kids so they feel comfortable talking to you when they run into uncomfortable situations online.


Many kids and teens share their passwords with their friends.  If your child gets into a fight with a friend, the friend may use the password to ruin your child’s reputation, cyberbully them, or harm them.

Take time to discuss the dangers of sharing passwords with your child.

The only person besides your child who should have the password is you!

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4 Min Video: New Texting & Social Media Acronyms Parents Need to Understand

Fox 13 News interviews Utah NetSmartz’ Executive Director, Max Rogers, who provides parents timely and practical advice about the most current ‘encrypted’ acronyms that some teens are using online and via mobile channels to discuss inappropriate topics under the radar of niave parents. Watch the 4 min video below to make sure you are up to date: