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Archive for November, 2014

How can parents help their kids avoid digital drama?

With all of the schools we go to, there are a lot of students who come up to us afterward and talk about issues they are dealing with online. One of the most common issues they face is online drama. This article describes the difference between cyberbullying and everyday online drama that students are dealing with. Cyberbullying is also a common issue but is more serious than online drama. As parents you may feel helpless because you don’t know what to do to stop the online drama your child may be dealing with. The article mentioned above is a great resource to learn what you can do to avoid digital drama altogether.

What Can Your Phone Apps Access?

Did you know that some of your free phone apps require access to your detailed personal information?   Many free apps collect information from your phone and sell it to advertisers and other third parties.

Before downloading and installing an app, look carefully at the apps “terms of use” policy.    Some free apps request to have access to your photos, text messages, contacts, precise GPS location,  microphone, camera, network access, storage space, and your call logs.   These apps sell this information to advertisers and other third parties for profit.

Keep your personal information safe by carefully screening the apps you download to your phone.