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Attorney General Sean Reyes Celebrates 465,000 Trainings This Year!

Attorney General Sean Reyes will be celebrating our program with us at Salt Lake School District’s North Star Elementary tomorrow! This year the program provided 465,000 NetSmartz Internet safety trainings throughout Utah. General Reyes will join us for the Internet safety training at North Star Elementary and will discuss technology usage with fourth through sixth graders.

General Reyes will encourage students to follow basic safety principles. AG Reyes will ask students to take a stand against cyber-bullying and to think before posting on social media services.

We are very proud of our extended outreach this year! We hope to provide the program to every school in the state of Utah in the future.


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Welcome to our new web page! It is short on content at the moment but we will fix that up. There are also probably quite a few bugs and issues as we transition from our old website. Please let us know if you find anything that doesn’t work.